530520_10153215234355603_1954038500_nMariella is Oxford’s most experienced Astanga Yoga teacher and has been granted the highest status, Senior Yoga Teacher, by the Yoga Alliance UK.  Her teaching is fun, enthusiastic and compassionate.  When she started 20 years ago, she was suffering from chronic respiratory ailments, including asthma.  Six months’ into the heat of the practice, she unexpectedly started to heal.  She then observed the same process occurring to other people, suffering from different ailments.  So when it was suggested she should teach, she embraced the opportunity to share these healing techniques with others.

Her main teachers are world renowned and Certified by Pattabhi Jois, Danny Paradise and John Scott.  Mariella holds a Certificate for the only Two Year Intensive Teacher Training by John Scott and has also studied with the late Pattabhi Jois in Mysore (India).  With John she learned to teach both in the traditional Sanskrit led style and in  Mysore style.  One of the most important aspects of her training was to master a safe, non aggressive but effective art of adjusting, adapted to all individuals, to initiate awareness of good foundation as a prerequisite to freedom in each pose.

Mariella also graduated in philosophy, languages and literature, she holds a Masters in Cinema Studies and a degree in Scriptwriting for Film and Television from the NFTS. While the practices are deep and strong, far from being just body oriented, Mariella is interested in people’s empowerment to “write their own life”.   She cultivates a nurturing environment and brings in ideas from the scriptures as well as writings from different traditions to inspire everyone to take responsibility for their health, happiness, evolution by tapping into the source, together, for the benefit of all.